rpmguard: a wiki page and a new output format

rpmguard is a tool for checking differences between RPM packages. From the last time I blogged about it there were some notable changes I would like to mention:

  1. There is a wiki page serving as a home page for this tool. Please visit:
    The most important information (how to check out the code, how to report a bug) is there. Also some documentation starts to appear there, like the description of all of the available checks.
  2. rpmguard has a new output format that is more similar to rpmlint or lintian and should be easier to read and parse. Example output here (artificial, usually there is no ouput or just several lines):
    $ rpmguard package-1.rpm package-2.rpm
    W: requirement-added fooreq2
    W: requirement-added rpmlib(VersionedDependencies) <= 3.0.3-1
    W: requirement-removed fooreq1
    W: requirement-version-lowered fooreq3 = 0.3.4 -> >= 0.2.7
    W: provision-added fooprov1 = 0.1.0
    W: conflict-added fooconf >= 1.0
    W: obsolescence-removed fooobs
    W: config-file-added /etc/conf2
    W: config-file-changed /etc/conf1
    W: file-mode-changed /usr/share/justfile1 0644 -> 04744
    W: doc-files-count-reduced 2 -> 1
    W: executable-added /usr/bin/bin1
    N: 12 warnings

rpmguard is soon to be plugged into our AutoQA framework to provide package update monitoring and checking. Stay tuned, comments welcome.