FUDCon Zurich 2010 – part 2

This is a continuation of the last post.

On Saturday morning there was another keynote from Jared:

And then it was my time – time for AutoQA!

My talk went quite well, I said everything I had wanted to say, I think I did not forgot anything, I even had an animated pony! I did not particularly excel with my pronunciation, but I think everyone were able to understand. After my talk a long discussion unleashed. Some people got so deeply involved in the discussion with the rest of the audience that I nearly didn’t get any chance to respond to all that arguments 🙂

Most arguments involved annoying warnings in rpmlint output and how to do that without infuriating the package maintainers receiving our emails. This is certainly something we have to solve before using AutoQA for “real tasks” (blocking some updates etc).

The rest of the conference went just fine, unfortunately I have no photos because the batteries in my camera died. After the conference finished, we had a FUDPub event – a dinner in il postino pizzeria. I liked the food, I liked the beer and it was a good place for socializing. A great evening.

Sunday morning a barcamp-style conference began. Topic proposals were presented by anyone interested in giving a talk/workshop and people then voted according to their preferences. Finally a schedule was made.

Unfortunately we had to leave early (it’s a long ride to Czech Republic), so I was able to attend only one presentation about setting up private Koji instances:

Then there was a pizza ordered for lunch in a nearby cafeteria. We had a lunch and then we left. We took Jesse Keating with us to Brno where we will give a talk about Fedora on a local university and then fly back to the USA.

On the way home we stopped at the Rheinfall – which should be the largest waterfall in Europe. Quite a nice sight.

End of the weekend, end of the story. Thanks to Red Hat for sending me there.

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