AutoQA vs Bodhi – round 2

As you probably noticed not so long ago we announced that AutoQA would be sending comments to Bodhi and inform package maintainers about the results of important test cases (depcheck and ugpradepath). We enabled the functionality and disabled it again very soon due to a number of problems that were discovered. Good news – we’re going for round two!

In the first run we discovered some bugs in our test code, but we also found a number of packages that were incorrectly tagged as pending updates even though they had been in the stable repository for a long time already. The former problem should be solved by AutoQA 0.4.6 (and 0.4.5) which we are releasing today. The latter problem was fixed on Bodhi side by Luke Macken (huge thanks for quick response). Hopefully now the package maintainers won’t receive any alerts about already pushed package updates, only about the newly proposed ones.

AutoQA Bodhi comments should be re-enabled today. As mentioned before we will quickly disable them if something goes wrong, fix the problem, then re-enable them again. If you don’t receive any AutoQA results for your package, don’t be surprised. However if you receive results but they seem to be wrong, please tell us so that we can investigate: autoqa-devel or #fedora-qa. Thanks!