LinuxExpo Prague 2011

Yesterday I attended Linux Expo / Open Source Conference 2011 in Prague. Together with my colleagues (Jaroslav Řezník, Vítězslav Humpa, Jiří Eischmann) from Red Hat we formed a crew of a small Fedora stall at this conference. A few other Red Hat guys (Luděk Šmíd, Jan Pazdziora, Petr Kovář) prepared presentations for this conference.

Our task was to present Fedora to people, give away some small treats (CDs, stickers, pins) and discuss anything about Fedora with visitors. We decided to attract them by showing the two major desktop environments that will be present in Fedora 15 – Gnome 3 and KDE 4.6.

Let’s see some photos!

The main rush-hour was in the morning, where many students came and asked about Fedora project. But even in the rest of the day we were all constantly busy. Many people came to get their hands on the upcoming Gnome 3 and asked about the differences. We have met a lot of people that came to discuss their experiences with open source world or asked for advice with some Linux-related problems.

We were not alone there, our competitors were all around us 🙂

In the evening after the conference ended we moved to a pub where we tasted Bernard beer and talked about our interests together with competitor colleagues. I met a bunch of people I had known before only virtually, so I’m very glad for that.

5 thoughts on “LinuxExpo Prague 2011

  1. Jumping in the back … ME TOO, ME TOO! (without you wouldn’t have those monitors to show everything on).

    1. Ah, I’m so sorry, Matěj, to leave you out. I knew I’ve surely forgotten someone 🙂 Big kudos to Matěj Cepl “the support team” for lending us LCD displays from their Prague office. Without him we would’ve to carry those from Brno.

  2. Good work, thanks a lot! I’m glad I could help by sending Jiri media and stickers, and seeing these pictures makes me really happy.

    Hope to see some of you at Linux-Tag Berlin!

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