AutoQA 0.4.7 released

AutoQA 0.4.7 has just been released and deployed!

What are the major changes?

  • Upgradepath and depcheck tests won’t crash when there is a broken Bodhi update in which some packages are marked with updates-pending Koji tag and some are not.
  • Bodhi comments now emphasize that AutoQA results are purely informative, we don’t block anything.
  • AutoQA now correctly detects modified Bodhi updates and runs tests again for them.
  • Upgradepath no longer reports failures when you want to push to F(N)-updates repository and F(N+1)-main repository contains lower version of your package.

We also heard your complaints about sending you too many emails through Bodhi comments (one for every test result for every arch). Our current framework architecture does not allow miracles, but we plan to work hard in the next several weeks to alleviate at least some of the symptoms. And in the long-time perspective, it will be even better. The purpose of AutoQA is to help you, not to discourage you. Please continue to feed us with your comments, they are very helpful – email your ideas to autoqa-devel. Thanks.

And finally, our fun mascot 🙂

Happy weekend.

AutoQA 0.4.7 released

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