Missing AutoQA logs

Maybe you noticed that some AutoQA result links that are posted as Bodhi comments (example) return “Not Found” error when you try to click on them. They can be just a few days old. That’s unfortunate and we have recently worked on fixing that issue.

First of all, some of our tests got stuck in a loop and generated many GBs of log files. Because our disk space is not immense, it quickly depleted our free space. On top of that, a bug in tmpwatch seemed to prune our log files much more frequently than we asked for. That resulted in deletion of many fresh logs.

We have provided quick fixes for those problems and everything should be back in normal. We aim for keeping the logs for at least a month.

If you have anything on your mind, contact as at autoqa-devel. Thanks.

One thought on “Missing AutoQA logs

  1. Lesson learned … read the manpage for a command on the system that will actually be running the command.

    Turns out that tmpwatch support for time suffixes such as h (hours), m (minutes), d (days) wasn’t added until tmpwatch-2.9.8. Our AutoQA server is running RHEL5, which includes tmpwatch-2.9.7.

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