bzattach – script to attach multiple files to bugzilla from shell

Don’t you guys just hate using Bugzilla’s web interface for attaching files? Especially when you have like >= 5 of them? I do. It’s slow, it requires like 20 mouse clicks and whatnot.

I recently learned you can use “bugzilla attach” command from python-bugzilla >= 0.6.2 (I had to install an .fc17 package), but it’s still not as easy as I would like to.

So I created a wrapper on top of that, “bzattach” command. Usage [1]:

$ bugzilla login       #only for the first time
$ bzattach 12345 *.log


If you like it, get it while it’s hot!

[1] “–help” is also supported, be sure to check that out

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