AutoQA 0.8 released

AutoQA 0.8 has just been released and deployed.

The most important changes are listed in the NEWS file. Here’s some selection that could be interesting for an average Fedora package maintainer:

  • Our Fedora 17 support was lagging behind. You should now receive reports for all your proposed updates for Fedora 17.
  • We finally have a database to store all the results. It’s publicly accessible and you can use it to search for results of a specific test executed on a specific package build. You can access it at We don’t yet have any notification support (like RSS), but it’s planned. Currently you just search for your favorite NVR and you’ll get all the tests we executed on it and their results. Please note this database has been started up today and it doesn’t contain any past results.
  • We now perform automated kickstarted anaconda installation for every new Fedora 17 compose. The test is called rats_install.

If you have some comments, bug reports or enhancement suggestions, please let us know. Our mailing list autoqa-devel or our Trac instance is at your disposal.