New package in Fedora: sendKindle

sendKindle allows you to easily send documents to your Amazon Kindle device using a command line. You no longer need to open an email client, create a new email, fill in the recipient and a subject, add attachments, hit send, no. You just write sendKindle into your terminal, drag and drop the file, hit Enter. It’s faster 🙂

I already blogged about sendKindle before. It will use your email account (I tested just GMail) to send the file to your Amazon address. (As a bonus, I have a filter defined in GMail which will move these emails from the Sent mail to Trash, because I don’t want all the files to clutter my mailbox, and it works great.)

Recently I finally became a packager (hooray!) and pushed sendKindle as my first package into Fedora. It’s currently in updates-testing, so until it receives some karma or a week passes, you can install it like this:

$ yum install sendKindle --enablerepo=updates-testing

In a week you can use your favorite package manager without any further “complications”, because it will have landed in stable updates for Fedora 17 and 18.

The project lives at github, report all your problems there (except packaging bugs, which go to bugzilla). Be sure to see the README though – if you want new features, you need to provide patches.