sendKindle: send files to your Kindle from command line

Do you have an Amazon Kindle device and do you find the standard way of transferring files via email too uncomfortable? I’ve created a simple tool that may be of help.

I have lots of books (PDFs, PDBs, etc) on my computer. I also frequently download something from the web (HTML pages, images, …) I want to read later on my Kindle. But I am too lazy to find the data cable and I am also too lazy to open up web client and send the files as attachments. I wanted something simpler, so I created it.

The tool is called sendKindle. It’s a simple Python CLI script that takes all files specified as arguments and sends them to your Kindle device via your email provider (you need to create a configuration file with access details first).

You can find the code at:

You can check-out the code and run the tool directly, or install using easy_install:

# easy_install -U sendKindle

And then you just do:

$ sendKindle FILE...

On the first run you will be asked to create a configuration file at ~/.config/sendkindle/sendkindle.cfg with appropriate email settings (just copy and paste and change appropriately).

And that’s all, my friends. I hope some of you will find it useful.


2 thoughts on “sendKindle: send files to your Kindle from command line

  1. I needed a CLI tool to email documents to Kindle and spent an hour in configuring msmtp and mull. I wish I had found your script earlier.

    Just a small comment: As the config file may contain password etc, you should force the users to set a ‘600’ mode for the file, and give an error message if the file is word readable.

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