Fedora 18 LiveCD now contains LibreOffice

From Fedora 18, we will finally have LibreOffice included on Live CD, and installed by default! (We were able to do this by raising the Live CD size from 700 MiB to 1 GB, now targeting flash drives instead of CD media). This is great news for our users, because the office suite is needed by many and they had to manually install it in older releases. With this change Fedora 18 makes another step towards reasonable defaults, and it will certainly be appreciated by our newcomers.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in the discussion, and Bill Nottingham for pushing that change.

It’s a bit ironic that Fedora 18 DVD will not install LibreOffice by default, you have to select it as an “add-on” in the installer. The infrastructure standing behind package collections has been re-worked and it doesn’t allow us to enable some collection (like LibreOffice) by default. Of course you can still select it manually. Hopefully we will have it fixed and auto-selected in Fedora 19.

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8 thoughts on “Fedora 18 LiveCD now contains LibreOffice

  1. Yeah, this is definitely a good thing. And good riddance, optical media! (except when I need it..but for that I’m sure there’s a remix)

  2. Well, it’s great unless you have machines like I have. I have got 2 machines hat don’t boot from USB, and only have CD readers. No DVD. Where am I going to get a 1GB CD that is readable in a regular CD reader?

    I guess I will have to move on to another distro.

    1. If you have at least a decent Internet connection, you can download and burn netinst.iso (300 MB) and install Fedora from the Internet. Or you don’t even need to download netinst, you can start the whole installation process from the Internet using http://boot.fedoraproject.org/. There are still lots of options.

  3. I have done several F18 tests with anaconda, and I do remember libreoffice being included when you select gnome and the optional software. Anaconda provides a list of alternate software with checkboxes, I guess it is there, if you do the installation selection.

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