FUDCon Zurich 2010 – part 1

I have finally some time to write about FUDCon in Zurich. So here it goes!

We set out on Thursday. One blue (Fedora) and one red (Red Hat) van – 16 people or so in total:

The journey from Brno to Zurich was really long, about 10 hours.

First night we were accommodated in the Atlantis Hotel:

Then we went to check out the nightly Zurich. Unfortunately my camera is crap and can’t take shots at night, so everything is blurred (these pictures are the best):

Zurich night city, its old buildings and alleys are just amazing. On the other hand Zurich is also amazingly expensive. I’ve never seen a more expensive city. Everything shines with luxury, the stores glitters full of jewelery, people drive expensive cars. The prices of goods and services reflect this really closely. If you want to spend all your salary, this is a good place to go 🙂

Friday morning we arrived at FUDCon:

At the reception we received name cards to be attached on our chest, we signed some agreements about publishing our talks (but they weren’t recorded in the end I think) and we received FUDCon t-shirts! 🙂

In the first floor there were stands from several opensource projects where you could chat about them:

One floor below, Jared Smith had the introductory keynote:

Our Czech group formed quite a significant portion of the audience 🙂 I was quite surprised, I expected more people in the audience.

A grinning Josef!

After Jared finished, Adam Williamson finally told us what it is that we (Fedora QA) actually do 🙂

In other rooms FrosCamp was happening, I visited one of their presentations:

And some more FUDCon presentations:

The last presenter of the day was Máirín Duffy. She talked about GIMP and Inkscape, about ponies and lolcats. It was funny, I loved it. And I can make my own pony now!

After the conference was over we visited FrosCamp party “Wired Dreams”. But the music wasn’t quite according to my taste, nor was the FreeBeer – sorry, opensource.

For the night we moved into a Swiss military bunker. Not exactly the best accommodation you can find, but a great experience 🙂

End of Friday!

4 thoughts on “FUDCon Zurich 2010 – part 1

  1. I didn’t travel that much but for me also Zurich is the most expensive I saw so far. But we have a lot of fun time, and that’s the important part.

  2. Just a note – it was not at all a _military_ bunker, it was civilian – the military ones are waaaaay better. 🙂

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