Esmska 0.21 released

I finally found the time and released Esmska 0.21. You’ll find some new gateways, new centralized dialog for user-gateway communication, largely improved gateway configuration, and some other bits.

And what is Esmska, exactly? It is a program for sending SMS messages to your friends’ phones from your computer.  You just have to choose a gateway through which to send the message. Esmska supports a few international ones that can send anywhere in the world. Those are paid of course. Some countries (like the Czech Republic) have lots of free gateways too. If you have a favorite gateway not supported by Esmska and have a little of http/javascript knowledge, you can implement it in a form of a simple plugin and your work will be part of the next release.

So, this is the link you want to click on: 🙂