Esmska 0.21 released

I finally found the time and released Esmska 0.21. You’ll find some new gateways, new centralized dialog for user-gateway communication, largely improved gateway configuration, and some other bits.

And what is Esmska, exactly? It is a program for sending SMS messages to your friends’ phones from your computer.  You just have to choose a gateway through which to send the message. Esmska supports a few international ones that can send anywhere in the world. Those are paid of course. Some countries (like the Czech Republic) have lots of free gateways too. If you have a favorite gateway not supported by Esmska and have a little of http/javascript knowledge, you can implement it in a form of a simple plugin and your work will be part of the next release.

So, this is the link you want to click on: 🙂


4 thoughts on “Esmska 0.21 released

  1. Awesome! Please convert this into a backend for Telepathy so that I can use Empathy to send SMS messages.

  2. There was a powerful smssend program that implemented a lot of gateways around the globe. The only obstacle emerged lately was a graphical CAPTCHA on Czech web getways becuse smssend was command line driven tool.

    What’s current state of (Czech) SMS gateways? How do you cope with Turing’s tests?

    1. Some Czech gateways have CAPTCHA, some don’t. Most of the paid (international) gateways don’t. The choice is yours. Esmska can’t still do OCR on CAPTCHA, you have to re-type the code.

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