AutoQA 0.7 released

AutoQA 0.7 has just been released and it will be deployed to our production server soon.

Most important changes:

  • Minimum supported Python version is now Python 2.6. RHEL 5 became unsupported.
  • AutoQA library and package dependencies are now automatically copied to the test client prior to the test execution. It means that you no longer need to maintain your test clients except for initial set-up with the autotest server. All RPM installations are now handled out-of-the-box.
  • Initscripts test was removed due to systemd replacing SysV init scripts from Fedora 15 up.
  • AutoQA harness and AutoQA watchers now support standard logging facilities. Their output is now stored at /var/log/autoqa/. Debug log level can be enabled in autoqa.conf file.
  • Test results hyperlinks are now shortened using Yourls tool. A new configuration file yourls.conf is available. Link shortening applies for opt-in emails and Bodhi comments. Using URL shortening is optional, if you don’t set up Yourls server everything will work correctly but no links will be shortened.

If you have some comments, bug reports or enhancement suggestions, please let us know. Our mailing list autoqa-devel or our Trac instance is at your disposal.

2 thoughts on “AutoQA 0.7 released

  1. The most visible change for Fedora package maintainers – URL shortening. Test results links will now be much shorter and not broken in Bodhi.

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